A Roof design with strong classical aesthetic
Overall Dimension

51 1/4"*16 1/2"

Effective Dimension

50"*14 1/2"

Roof Cover/Tile

0.47m2 | 5.06sqft

Tile Qty/m2

2.1pcs​ | 2.1pcs

Steel Thickness

Gauge 26-20




Stone coated metal roof - Roman Roof

SKW Color Stone Roman roof Tile is a roofing tile style that embodies a strong classical aesthetic. It draws inspiration from the tile shapes and styles commonly found in ancient Roman architecture.

One of the distinctive features of Color Stone Roman roof Tile is its curved design. Each tile showcases graceful arches, creating a roof with a smooth and visually pleasing curved effect. This curved design imparts a sense of classical elegance to Color Stone Roman Tile.

Another notable characteristic is the texture and detailing of Color Stone Roman roof Tile. The surface of each tile is meticulously crafted, displaying intricate textures and decorative patterns that enhance the artistic value and visual appeal of the roof. These textures and details make Color Stone Roman Tile a unique and refined roofing option.

The style of Color Stone Roman roof Tile is well-suited for buildings that seek a classical, elegant, and distinctive aesthetic. It can be paired with classical architecture, villas, estates, and other architectural styles, adding a sense of history and grandeur to the structure.

Why Stone Coated Metal Roof ?


0.5-0.8mm thick steel sheet with 150g/m2 galvanized aluminum zinc rust-proof coating, providing A-grade rust resistance, lifespan of 50 years without corrosion or perforation.


With UV resistant high quality surface glue, and high temperature colored baking stone chips, 15+ years no worry of color fading issue.

Light Weight

Only 5-8Kg per square meter, the weight is only 10% of traditional ceramic tiles, greatly reduces the load-bearing capacity of building structures.

Noise Reduction

Same sound insulation ability as ceramic roof tiles or asphalt shingles, no need to be disturbed by the sound of rain.

Hail Prevention

Ceramic tiles or PVC tiles can be damaged in hail weather, but for metal tiles 0 worry!

Low Maintenance

No damage or other minor issues, benefit from one installation for a lifetime.

Hurricane Resistance

Lightweight yet sturdy, able to effectively withstand strong wind of 60-80MPH.

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Metal material and natural stone, without any pollution issues.

Fire Proof

Made of steel material, A-class fire resistance, safer and more reassuring.

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Compared to other types of roof tiles, there is no significant increase in cost.

Warranty Policy

Delivering an industry-leading warranty, we go above and beyond to ensure the enduring quality of our Color Stone Metal Tiles. Each individual tile is a testament to our unwavering dedication to durability and dependability. Our promise extends beyond the product itself – it’s about the lasting integrity of your entire structure.

Should any quality-related concerns arise, our devoted team is ready to swiftly address and resolve them. This is our pledge to you – a building that stands the test of time, resilient and unwavering in its excellence. Opting for Color Stone Metal Tiles is not just a choice of superior quality, but a decision grounded in trust and assurance.


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