The texture and color of natural slate
Overall Dimension

52 3/4"*16 1/2"

Effective Dimension

50 3/4"*14 1/2"

Roof Cover/Tile

0.48m2 | 5.17sqft

Tile Qty/m2

2.1pcs​ | 2.1pcs

Steel Thickness

Gauge 26-20




Color painted metal roof tile - Slate Roof

SKW Slate roof tile is a style of color-coated metal tile that imitates the texture and color of natural slate. Its design aims to replicate the natural beauty of slate while offering the advantages of metal tiles, such as durability and lightweight. Slate roof tiles are commonly used for roofs and facades, providing a natural and rugged aesthetic to buildings.

Experience the superiority of PVDF or HDP high-durability coated metal tiles, designed to deliver exceptional benefits. These coatings excel in weather resistance, providing unrivaled performance in various climates. Their superior UV resistance ensures long-lasting color retention, maintaining a vibrant and appealing aesthetic.

The coatings exhibit exceptional corrosion resistance of metal slate roof tile, protecting the metal substrate from degradation caused by environmental factors. Enhanced scratch resistance guarantees durability during installation and maintenance, preserving the pristine appearance of your project. Additionally, PVDF and HDP coatings demonstrate excellent chemical resistance, making them ideal for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications. Choose these environmentally friendly coatings and enjoy a vast selection of colors and finishes to enhance your architectural designs.

Why Pre-Painted Metal Roof ?

More durable

150g/m2 al-zinc coating, world class PVDF painting, 20 years no obvious color fading and lifespan of 50 years without corrosion or perforation.

UV Resistant

With UV resistant high quality surface glue, and high temperature colored baking stone chips, 20+ years no worry of color fading issue.

Light Weight
Light Weight

Only 4-6Kg per square meter, the weight is only 8-10% of traditional ceramic tiles, greatly reduces the load-bearing capacity of building structures.

More Colorful
Multiple Color Options

Adopting mature color coating technology, a wide variety of colors to choose from, making your house look more beautiful!

Hail Prevention

Ceramic tiles or PVC tiles can be damaged in hail weather, but for metal tiles no any worry as it's made of steel!

Low Maintenance
Low Maintenance

No damage or other minor issues, benefit from one installation for a lifetime.


Metal material and natural stone, without any pollution issues.

Hurricane Resistance
Hurricane Resistance

Lightweight yet sturdy, able to effectively withstand strong wind of 60-80MPH.

Fire Proof
Fire Proof

Made of steel material, A-class fire resistance, safer and more reassuring.


Compared to other types of roof tiles, there is no significant increase in cost.

Warranty Policy

According to our color coating roof tile warranty policy, we offer warranty services for product quality. If you encounter any issues caused by manufacturing defects, please contact our customer service team. We will provide appropriate solutions based on the specific circumstances to ensure your satisfaction and product quality. Please consult our customer service team for more detailed information and support…


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