2 Step to Guarantee Our Quality Control System

Excellent durability from complete quality control.

Quality Control Step 1: Raw Material Selection

Good raw materials are the foundation of everything. We have to choose more reliable raw materials suppliers.
30 Years no rusting: 150g/m2 Al-Zn coating

Aluminum zinc coating is further optimized on the basis of galvanization technologyan,it has important protection for steel oxidation process, which can effectively prevent the rust reaction of steel surface. The thicker the coating, the longer the protection time. The current coating technology can reach the thickness of 150g/m2, which can effectively protect the steel plate surface from rusting for 30 years in general environment.

Cutting side protection: 150g/m2 Al-Zn-Mg Coating

The aluminum zinc magnesium coating technology is a further improvement on the aluminum zinc coating technology. Because the addition of magnesium makes the chemical structure of the coating more stable. After the steel plate is cut, the automatic healing function is generated at the side section, making the oxide film more solid and isolating oxygen. Greatly increase the anti rust protection capability of the side section.

Aluminum zinc magnesium coating technology is very suitable for roof metal tile products, because cutting, bending and other works are often carried out during the installation process, so the rust protection of side section is particularly important. The side section is not rusty, which avoids the rust problem extending from the edge to the inside.

PVDF Painting: 15-30 Years no fading issue

Paint is a long developing industry, but the quality of paint on the market is uneven and mixed with a lot of fake paint. The real high-quality color coated tile products must choose the paint of a well-known brand as the coating, which also means that the cost is high, but this can ensure that the final paint coating of metal tile products will not fade, powdery or fall off in different environments (including various factors such as different light ultraviolet intensity, salt fog concentration, acid content in air, etc.).

Among all paint products, the weather resistance of HDP paint (a kind of PE paint) is significantly stronger than that of ordinary PE paint. At present, the best paint on the market is PVDF weather resistant paint. High quality PVDF paint can achieve no obvious fading phenomenon in 20-30 years.

All the paint brands we choose come from international famous brands, including Akzo Nobel, Beckers and PPG. The official warranty period of paint manufacturers is more than 15 years. We can also give corresponding quality assurance commitments according to specific color coated tile products.

15-30 Years no fading: High temperature sintered colored stone

At present, colored stone metal tiles and asphalt tiles generally use dyed colored sand, low-temperature sintered colored sand and high-temperature colored sand.

The paint or lotion is used as the binder for dyeing sand mining, and the organic pigment is selected, which can be simply stirred and dried. The finished product is bright in color, low in cost, but poor in weather resistance. The production process is harmful to the environment, so it is a low-end product.

Low temperature sintering sand mining is generally made of aluminum dihydrogen phosphate as the binder, inorganic pigments and 300 ℃ firing. Because of the production process, they are generally not made into color paste, but directly used as color additives, mixed with aluminum dihydrogen phosphate, and then simply baked. The product has the advantage of good water resistance, but poor acid resistance. It is greatly affected by ultraviolet light and generally loses its luster after 1-2 years.

High temperature colored sand uses natural inorganic sodium silicate as the adhesive, and then uses inorganic pigments as the color material. It is first made into color paste, stirred, dried, and finally fired at 800-900 ℃. The surface protection ions with high hardness are formed. The fired products not only have good weather resistance, but also have excellent acid resistance. They are the most high-end products at present.

We use the largest and highest quality colored stone in China, which is sintered at 800 ℃ and will not fade. To ensure the durability in various environments.

Fingerprint Resistant technology

Fingerprint Resistant technology also called finger pass technology is created for surface  protection from sweat corrosion during transportation and installation process, it mostly have green color and transparent color, also support color customization.

Quality Control Step 2: Strictly Controling Of The Production Process

Without strict production process control, even the best raw materials will not give full play to their optimal performance.

Cut the raw material aluminum zinc steel coil into appropriate tile size, it is important whether the cutting surface is smooth. The smoother cutting side section is not easy to rust.


After the size is cut, the cut aluminum zinc plated steel plate lace shall be cut. Still whether the cutting surface is smooth is very important. The smoother cutting side section is not easy to rust.


The hydraulic pressing process needs to ensure the integrity and beauty of the tiles. This process needs to strictly control the strength and speed of the molding machine. It is easier for inexperienced factories to fracture the plates. If the cracked tiles are installed on the roof, it will cause rain leakage and big losses to customers.

Stone bonding

In this process, resin adhesive shall be sprayed and sand blasted for initial drying, and then the color stone shall be uniformly pasted on the base plate after sand blasting and baking.

Surface Glue

The function of spraying surface glue is to further consolidate the firmness of stone bonding, isolate the stone from the outside air, and ensure that as little water as possible seeps into the ground glue layer when it rains.


The temperature change and duration of drying are crucial. A specific temperature is required for glue chain reaction. The correct temperature and time can ensure the optimal bonding performance and the weatherability of tiles in later use.

You can visit our video introduction about our raw material selection and process quality control. and based on this complete quality control system, we can confidentially provide quality warranty to our clients which can give better protection.


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